Plan B

I’ve owned restaurants, clothing stores, a chocolate factory, apartment buildings, commercial buildings, seminar companies, newsletter businesses, and direct-mail, multimedia, and software businesses. I’ve invested in Broadway plays. I’ve even owned a piece of a professional basketball team, the Utah Jazz. Network marketing beats them all.

Robert G. Allen

Plan B

Over many years of owning traditional small businesses, I learned that most successful and truly wealthy entrepreneurs have a Plan B – a second, third or even fourth source of income.

More More Money with a Plan BIt is difficult to argue against the value of having multiple streams of income and not having all of your assets tied into one business. This is especially true when you recognize how susceptible the success of a small business is to the ever-changing buying habits of potential customers and clients, and the impact that the overall economy and increasing government regulations plays on the bottom line.

While having a Plan B makes sense, the real question is how to find the time and money to get involved in an additional venture. It may seem overwhelming.

This is where I come in. I have become so passionate about every small business owner having a Plan B that I have devoted the past several years to researching the best sources for additional streams of income for busy people like you.

My extensive research has led me to practical businesses that can be run from home without disrupting family life and where the hours are extremely flexible.

Over the years, I have interviewed a multitude of people working from home – both in traditional businesses and in the network marketing industry. I have also thoroughly investigated over 50 home-based businesses and selected a handful to test drive for myself.

All of this research and firsthand experience have enabled me to be a helpful asset to those seeking a Plan B. I am confident that once I get to know you, your situation, your goals and your desires, I will be able to help you find the ideal business opportunity that meets your unique requirements.

For more information regarding potential back-up plans, visit Tony Shays’ Home Based Business Success Center.

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