About Me

It is your attitude, not your aptitude,
that determines your altitude.

Zig Ziglar

About Me

My name is Tony Shays, and I am the founder of Creative Business Strategies, a company that was created to help fellow entrepreneurs fulfill their dreams, run prosperous businesses, and protect their assets.

I am a mentor, coach, and consultant for small business owners.  I also help individuals who work in crowded fields, such as real estate, mortgage, and insurance, and the network marketing industry, stand out from the pack.

My passion for what I do is personal and runs deep.  I love the can-do spirit of you, the entrepreneur, and respect you for following your dream, working hard, and taking risks.

I have always been an entrepreneur, starting as the kid on the corner selling lemonade and my used toys, to the teenager running three businesses while in college, to the adult who owned and operated 12 different businesses.

I know from firsthand experience what it is like to start and operate businesses from scratch, buy and turn around existing businesses, and own and operate a franchise.

My various businesses have included summer camps for children, sporting goods stores, a wholesale business, residential and commercial real estate, photography, a marketing and design company, and direct sales and network marketing.

If I could share only one thing with you about me, it would be that any success I have enjoyed in life comes from a positive attitude and a can-do spirit.  I have always been upbeat and enthusiastic, and what some people see as problems, I see only as opportunities.

It is this view of life that has allowed me to build, manage, and own 12 businesses.  This view has also helped be an effective coach, mentor, and consultant for owners of small businesses.

For many years, even while running my own businesses, I was helping other colleagues find solutions to their business problems.  This started off on an informal basis and then led to several formal assignments.

Others have told me that they see me as an “idea” person, who is very creative, a real problem solver, and someone who loves helping others.

Being a teacher, coach, and counselor for 14 years after graduating from college, and then having the opportunity to be involved in so many small businesses, has given me a perspective that few have enjoyed.

It was only natural for me, therefore, to form Creative Business Strategies, where my entire focus is on helping your business prosper.  I love what I do and feel that I have spent my life preparing for this.