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Welcome to HelpingYourBusinessProsper.com

I hope you find this website to be helpful and informative. My name is Tony Shays, and I’m the founder of Creative Business Strategies, a company that was created to help you, the entrepreneur who owns a small business, fulfill your dreams, run a prosperous business, gain balance in your life, and protect your assets.

I am a mentor, coach and consultant for small business owners and entrepreneurs in the South Shore area of Massachusetts.

I started Creative Business Strategies after many years of teaching, coaching, counseling, and owning and operating 12 different small businesses. Because of my many years in the trenches, I have a unique perspective on the various challenges facing small business owners. My niche is working with the owners of companies with 25 employees or less with few layers of management. This is where I have the most experience and expertise and where my passion lies.

If you are seeking some new, fresh ideas to move your business forward and someone to bounce ideas off of who can look at your business more objectively than you can, don’t hesitate to contact Creative Business Strategies. I will provide just the impetus you need to take your business to the next level. I’m here to help and look forward to talking with you!